Kholegaon House Construction

In November 2017 Elevate Nepal, Inc. provided funding and labor to aid in the construction of six homes in the village of Kholegaon. Like many villages in Nepal, the people of Kholegaon had been living in temporary structures since the 2015 earthquake unable to find the financial assistance necessary to rebuild their homes. Through local connections and the help of international volunteers, Elevate Nepal, Inc. was able to build houses for six families in dire need of new homes.

Accomplishments Upon Completion:

  • Cleared damaged homes and rubble to make land clear for new construction
  • Rebuilt homes to earthquake standards approved by the Nepal government and the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA)
  • Provide cooking stoves with chimneys for better smoke ventilation
  • Hired local workers for construction
  • Purchased materials locally
  • Provided safe, clean homes for six different families

Estimated Project Completion: 2018